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Toning it Down

Toning it down. The number of times we’ve been asked to keep it cool, just relax, come to our senses, shape up. To not distress others or cause a “scene”. & can we tone it down! To the degree that we lose contact with our feelings altogether, so well that some of us stop feeling…


Project portraying “villains” or unpleasant female characters in pop culture and mythology. (Ongoing)

ELAK Tarot Deck

Finally, the ELAK Tarot deck is here! Balancing between kitsch and simplicity, this is a rich and colourful deck, filled with mystical symbolism and queer characters alike. Individual watercolour and ink illustration feature on each of the 78 cards, making it a unique and personal deck. The ELAK Tarot is based on the classic Rider Waite…

Dyke in the Pit!

Promotion and illustration for queer punk night in Stockholm 2017.    


London’s only Ancient Greek themed queer lady night. Playing only the goddesses of RnB and Pop. More info.

Cuntemporary Illustrations

– Illustration –  This page refers to the illustration done for Cuntemporary, graphic design can be found via this link. CUNTemporary is a non-profit organisation that works with individuals and groups that explore feminist and queer art practices and theories. CUNTemporary provides a newsletter and daily listings of events related to feminist and queer art practices…