Cuntemporary (Art, Feminism, Queer Ltd.)

Graphic Design – Art Direction – Illustration

CUNTemporary is a non-profit organisation that works with individuals and groups that explore feminist and queer art practices and theories. For illustrations look at this page.

CUNTemporary provides a newsletter and daily listings of events related to feminist and queer art practices in the UK.

The events team curates talks, screenings, exhibitions, performances, events and club nights with the participation of a multidisciplinary and international group of artists, performers and theorists, mainly in London, but also around the UK and abroad.

We welcome networking and collaborative opportunities from curators, academics, artists, activists, institutions and alternative venues.

As an organisation we have remained entirely self-funded since our establishment in 2012, and have been organising our activities thanks to a dedicated team of designers, artists, technicians, researchers, editors and curators.

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Monthly Newsletter


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Open Calls for Deep Trash art night



Promotional Material for Curation and Art Series Now You Can Go 


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Promotional Material and Poster for Deep Trash Art and Club night